Hi, I’m KArla!


I’m so happy you’re here! I’m a mom of two super great kids, married to my college sweetheart and an advocate for simple, functional, purposeful family life.

When I was a teenager I never thought I would get married and have kids.

I just wanted to be a gypsy and travel the world. I focused on myself and learned how to be me, never thinking that there was truly anyone out there for me as a life partner. I didn’t know how to be with someone let along raise kids. And I would cry into my pillow at night feeling self conscious about my lack of skills in relationships.

Until I discovered the art of self love and putting myself first.

I was getting to the root of my issues, I could at least look inward and find why I was not having the successful relationships I wanted.

I learned how to build strong foundational relationships for myself, my husband and my kids.


I would love to share my tips and advice so you can love the life you live in and build a strong family. And even if it’s not perfect, how to manage your day to day a little less effortlessly.

My blog is for moms who are working on or struggling with building foundations in their life, home and family. I’m here to help you achieve that happy mom life, happy marriage, happy and functional home.


Here are a couple of my most popular posts: 

Here is my free Meal Planning eCourse. It is one of the essentials in learning how to plan out your day with ease.

Knowing when and what to cook is not just a last minute decision. At least it should not be. It should be about making sound decisions, not quick ones. When we talk about quick meals, it still requires a plan. I don’t know about you, but my time is very limited and I can not even begin to think of the stress that I would have if I were trying to plan meals after I finished my day of homeschooling, working on my blog, working on our family business and whatever life comes shooting towards me.

I’m like Wonder Woman, everything being deflected off with my star studded cuffs! I’ve got my plan and I don’t let much in past that.

After all it’s about thriving each and every day not just surviving it. Building strong foundations and systems in your home that are simple, make sense and create peace are the way to do thrive.


Let’s start building a stronger foundation for you and your family!

xoxo, Karla


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