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The Everyday Cookbook

A simple and easy to follow guide on how I lost weight and was able to keep it off and maintain my weight and keep my cravings under control.

The Everyday Cookbook - Slow Cooker Edition

Short on time? Aren’t we all.

10 recipes that take less than 10 minutes to prepare. That’s my kind of day! 

Meal Planning

This 3 hour course is simple and easy to follow. 5 minutes a day is all it takes to learn the basics on running a functional kitchen.


5 Day Meal Planning Course

This free email course will teach you to learn how to meal plan and we will focus on two main focuses.

#1 Patience : Do not google and try to FrankenPlan a meal plan for your family. It will only make it more difficult and frustrating. Eventually, you will burn out and open the junk drawer and call for that take out or delivery. 

#2 Be Prepared: As a Girl Scout and a mom to a GS and to a Boy Scout… this is key to success. 

#3 Progress, No Perfection: Give yourself grace. This should be at a slow pace and will take a little practice. 

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