Fun things to do in Frisco Texas – 3 days and 2 nights Frisco Itinerary 

We like to travel a couple times a month, spending quality time together and see different cities throughout Texas and the rest of the United States. I

t really helps to recharge us and keep us focused on our busy lives. 

Here is a breakdown on our first trip to Frisco. We had such a great time and loved it so much. I’m always impressed when I see a city that is so well cared

for and the people are nice! 



Check out the video here.

We like to break down the itinerary by day so you get a chance to see how we travel. It doesn’t mean you need to do the exact same things we do in the

order we do them. But it can give you a few ideas. 


Day 1

Check in to our hotel, Drury Inn & Suites. Check out our video above for a tour of the room. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. The rooms are a good size

and layer out very well. 


After we finished getting settled in to our hotel room. We went out to grab a bite to eat for lunch. I’ve been wanting to try Wahlburgers,

for what seems like forever, so that was top on my list.  

The burgers came on a plate all by themselves and frankly they didn’t really need anything else. 

My daughter got a boozy drink (minus the booze) she wanted to try out the fancier flavors. 

My son and I went for a little more traditional on our shakes. They did not disappoint. 

Texas Sculpture Garden 

After lunch we wanted to go for a little walk to see some more of the area before we headed back to the hotel. The Texas

Sculpture Garden was a nice way to get a walk in and enjoy a little conversation with the kids. 

It’s located across the freeway from the Drury. 

Kickback at Drury 

Once we finished our walk we headed back to the hotel for something called Kickback. Well, it’s more like dinner for us. You get

three free adult beverages and a variety of food is served. There was even a salad bar. 

Exhausted from the drive and from a meeting we had. We decided to not do any events the first day. We relaxed and watched tv.

I know watching tv doesn’t seem like much. But we don’t watch a ton of tv, so it was a treat for us to all sit down and watch a few shows.

Day 2 

Thought we would get up early and hit the road. But we slept in and didn’t use any alarm clocks and where downstairs for breakfast and

done eating around 8:30am. 

Breakfast at Drury 

I wanted to give you a mini tour of some of the items that were available. There was a good amount of variety available, so all four of us had

a chance to get what we wanted. 

I was happy to have cranberry juice. I don’t love sweet juices all the time so this was a treat. 

Kids enjoyed the cereal bar 

And of course my hubby and I had biscuits and gravy. 

National Soccer Hall of Fame 

This was the first time I have been to a location that had us sign up for facial recognition. We received the emails of everything we did.

That was very cool. 

Check out our video for a mini demo. 

I remember this day like it was yesterday! 

A little virtual reality for Isabella. 

We didn’t go out to the stadium, but look forward to coming back to a game. We did see FC Dallas play Saturday night though. 

This was one of the places you could pose and have the image emailed to you

And another picture that was emailed to us. 

The kids had fun and came home fans. Also with a couple of souvenirs 

We had a bit of a late lunch today. We spent a little more time at the Soccer Hall of Fame. It’s ok. Your on vacation. And when the

kids are enjoying a spot, we stay longer. 

Didi’s Downtown

Owner and Chef Scott Hoffner creates wonderful meals That will make your heart sing. The restaurant is named for Scott’s mom, Diane.

Affectionately called Didi. 

Burger was tender and juicy and well seasoned. 

Dressing was freshly made in house. 

Potatoes and steak were outstanding! 

Our families meals. 

I forgot to get a before picture. We took forever to order. So many good choices. 

Day 3 

National Videogame Museum was so much fun. Took me back to my first video game. We had a couple of battles. Watch the video

to see me and my son on a couple of games. If you have ever had the old school gaming systems you will just love it here! 

Yes! There was an arcade. 

If the phone rings pick it up. 

I got the third place. One token. I’ve still got it. 

Thanks to Visit Frisco for hosting us and allowing us to enjoy your city. We will be back! 

Upcoming Christmas events. 

29th Annual Merry Main Street 

City tree lighting 


Simpson Plaza at City Hall

6101 Frisco Square Blvd 

Food vendors

Children’s Choirs 

Holiday gift market 

Kids holiday store (full details online) 

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