Best Brunch Austin Gabriela’s Downtown

By Rick and Karla Harmer

It’s always great to find new places that are reasonably priced, family friendly and with delicious food here in Austin. So when we find them we love to share them with you. 

Open for just about a year and a half, Gabriella’s Downtown has a brunch menu that is not to be missed. 

We enjoyed a nice variety of food to enjoy and try at this sampling. 


Photo Credit: Karla

Karla: I forgot to take a picture of the tortillas. But they were so good. We ate them fast. 

Photo Credit: Rick

Karla: Fresh chips had me so excited. They came out warm and well seasoned 

Photo Credit: Rick

Karla: pineapple mimosas were made with fresh squeezed pineapples. 

Rick: I’m pretty much a beer guy, but I thought I’d give one of these a try. Needless to say I asked for another 

Photo Credit: Karla

Karla: salsa sampler was good

Rick: my favorite was the guacamole one, no the spicy, ok they were all my favorite 

Photo Credit: Karla

Beer prepared with aquachilies 

Karla: never had this before. It was so good. Spicy, messy and was light and refreshing with a hint of spice. 

Rick: I’ve never had this before either, and I’m sort of a beer purist so I was hesitant, but I was pleasantly surprised with the spicy goodness 

Photo Credit: Rick

Karla: can you say margarita?! Yum! Top three for me in Austin area. 

Photo Credit: Karla

Rick: the pork belly tacos were very flavorful and tender

Photo Credit: Rick

Rick: The Carnitas were perfectly seasoned, some of the best I’ve had

Photo Credit: Rick

Piña loca jarritos

Rick: again, this was an instant favorite of mine very tasty 

Karla: Family inspired recipe drinks they like to make and drink. That’s something you don’t see always and I appreciate that. 

Mom makes the aqua orchata. We didn’t try this one because we couldn’t say no to the drinks. They are fabulous. 

Photo Credit: Rick

Karla: Gabriela holding a homemade michelada 

Photo Credit: Karla 

French toast with a hint of rum

Our brunch menu:

Gabriela’s Downtown

900 E. 7th Street 

Austin, Texas 78702


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