Countdown to Christmas: Jura Coffee The Perfect Coffee Machine for The Coffee Lover In Your Life

By Rick and Karla Harmer 

We recently had the opportunity to go out and visit our favorite Kitchen Store in Austin, Faraday’s Kitchen Store again for another community event all about coffee. 

We were looking for something special to add to our Countdown To Christmas. Something that would be a little more than the average gift. I think we’ve found it.

If you did not already know my husband and I drink coffee. Well, I think his veins are full of coffee and that is ok with me. I love coffee too. We drink it everyday

and probably will continue to drink it as we get into our retired years. 

Rick: Yee-haw! Wild Wild West!



If you want a well made cup of coffee that is just as good or better than a coffee shop, Jura is for you. They have a 2 year warranty and you can easily

upgrade models as well once you become the go-to barista in your home. 

Rick: Who knew there was snowboarding and skiing in Austin? (just kidding – we were just having some fun with the props)

Jura coffee machines are so good that they even have a model that you can use if you would like to open your own coffee shop. 


Photo Credit: Karla

Rick: The Ancho Java Souffle Bites were yummy with an espresso bean on top!


Photo Credit: Rick

Rick: These were the Cowboy Coffee Shrimp Taco appetizers. The taco “shell” was a delicious cracker, very good


Photo Credit: Karla

Rick: The espresso rubbed venison was very good, with a good balance of sweet and savory


Photo Credit: Karla

Rick: Cappuccino Vegetarian Wellingtons



Photo Credit: Rick

Rick: The perfect appetizer plate


Photo Credit: Rick

Rick – my favorite was the Nutty Professo as I love hazelnut


Photo Credit: Karla

Karla: Loved this table next to the food prep area and had to share the cuteness of it. 


Photo Credit: Karla

Rick: All of the Jura models have a sleek design that will go well in any kitchen or break room.

The D6 pictured here has a simple yet elegant design that is very easy to use. You can use your

favorite coffee beans, just add them and the Jura will grind the beans just before brewing for the perfect

drink every time.



The Jura coffee machines are made in Romanshorn, Switzerland.


Yes, all Jura coffee machines feature intuitive controls from easy to use switches to interactive menu driven displays.


Photo Credit: Rick

Rick: The interactive displays are easy to navigate and will allow you to quickly do anything from

making the perfect drink to cleaning the milk system.



To make the most bubbles, you will want to use either non-fat or skim milk. We have also used

non dairy milk as well. 

Photo Credit: Karla

Rick: Decisions, decisions, decisions. A few of the stars shown here from right to left, the entry l

evel D6, the next level E6, the mid level S8, there is a model that will suit everyone’s tastes and

requirements for the perfect coffee.

Karla: These are more entry level in price. They also don’t take up a lot of counterspace.

Which is always important for home machines. 


Photo Credit: Karla

Rick: The E6 offers the feature of making two cups of coffee at the same time! The E6 can make

espresso, coffee, cappuccino and milk foam and features an interactive display for ease of use.

Karla: I liked that the machine is easy to clean.


Photo Credit: Rick

Rick: The Giga 6 is the professional machine designed for home use, capable of making 28

different specialties, and is very user friendly with the touchscreen color display and the Blue

Crystal Rotary Switch. It will make you feel like you are at your favorite coffee shop without leaving

your home.

Karla: The Giga 6 would be perfect for home, office or for a small quiet coffee shop. 


Karla: Capresso Froth Control which is an automatic frother and hot chocolate maker

Karla: It makes hot chocolate, cappuccino, chai tea, hot cider,  iced fruit latte, and latte.It’s definitely

something that I would get for my family, since it is simple to use and we always have hot cocoa and

spiced cider for the holidays.

I got to play around with this myself. It was very easy to use. I added ¼ cup of chocolate chips, some

milk and a little peppermint and turned the machine on and let it do it’s thing. 


Photo Credit: Rick

Rick: The Capresso Ultima Pro is perfect for making espresso and cappuccino drinks. The

illuminated controls allow for an easy to use machine which still produces professional results.

Karla: Size wise this was my favorite. It doesn’t take up much more room on the counter than our

current coffee maker. The coffee was also delicious on this one as well.

Faraday’s Kitchen Store Wusthof knife skills class

Purchase your Jura Coffee Machine directly from Faraday’s



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