SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration


With everything from Christmas Traditions tour, dinner with Rudolf and dinner with Santa and Mrs. Claus available to see and enjoy. You will want to enjoy the twinkling lights of Christmas at SeaWorld.



We got their just in time to see the park before it got dark and ride a couple of rides, see a

few animals and then enjoy the penguin


November 23rd through January 5th


Is SeaWorld open in December?

Yes. the website for hours. 

What is the best day to go to SeaWorld?

Well, that really depends. We like going during the week if we can, to cut down on lines. However, we

go on the weekends to depending on our schedule. 

Photo Credit: Rick    SeaWorld Sea of Trees

Photo Credit: Rick


Is all day dining at SeaWorld worth it?

Yes! So if you are going to be at there for any time over 3 or 4 hours, we always opt to get the all day

dinning. With a family of four drinks, food and snacks can add up. The all day dining makes it a value for us. 


Can I take a backpack into SeaWorld?

Yes, you can take a backpack in. Please note that they are subject to being searched. 


Photo Credit: Rick

Photo Credit: Karla

Photo Credit: Karla

The kids got new cameras for their hard work on the trips we take, so they had a chance to use them this trip. 


Photo Credit: Ricky

Are there lockers at SeaWorld?

Yes there are lockers. We like to get one so we can put some of our larger items

and sunscreen in it so we don’t have to carry items around. 


Photo Credit: Rick

Photo Credit: Rick


What should I pack for SeaWorld?

  1. Sunscreen
  2. water bottles
  3. hat
  4. buy tickets on line
  5. fanny pack
  6. sun glasses
  7. flip flops if you plan on riding water rides


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