Kim Phung has been around for 20 years. And I’m just now finding it. They boast organic and MSG free.

They also say they serve healthy Asian food for less. We can agree on that as well.

Here is what we had as a family of four during our visit.

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#17 Phó tai steak with brisket

Bun – vermicelli noodle bowl

#33 bun egg rolls and grilled pork

Chinese (section)

D3 general tso’s chicken

House specials

S9 Rice clay pot with combo meats

  • chicken, beef, shrimp, veggies

The ensemble. The kids primarily ate the general tso and the vermicelli bowl. We don’t have picky eaters and they both would eat everything on the table.

Family friendly, affordable and fast service with no MSG.

Every Wednesday is $6.00 phó

Kim Phung

2237 E Riverside Dr, Ste 101-A, Austin, TX 78741


Multiple locations (Cedar Park, Lamar, Riverside)

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