Our easy Easter Brunch Menu


Easter is coming and I’ve planned out our menus. I thought I would share this short planning session that I have for our family and the menu we choose, since I am always asked how I handle holidays without losing all my hair.


Some items can be made a day or two ahead and others the morning of. I love to spread out the work over a short period of time, so that I have time to enjoy my quality time with my family and friends. As always, all of the items are all simple!!


Keeping it Simple


For us simple means keeping the food, decor and diy projects to a minimum. We usually keep the price under about $25 and time for projects under three hours. That three hours is  just so we can spend some time together working on projects and having some quality time.


The menu is also something that will be simply put together. Many of the items can either be made one or two days in advance, put into the slow cooker, or done very quickly right before brunch starts.

Family time


Each family member spends time working on a project and cooking something. Again, not to weigh us down in time. But to allow us the time to talk, share food and some traditions.


This means that we can easily have one person chopping, one person mixing, one doing dishes and once cooking.

Small commitment


I know it can be hard. Expectations, pressure on yourself, whatever it is. It’s there. Trying to be everything to everybody and have the most beautiful pictures posted on social media. It can weigh you down.


But is that what truly motivates you and makes you happy? Take a second to think about your favorite Easter with your family. What do you remember most?


Remember you are sowing seeds into the very fabric of your family. Nothing worth having is going to come from trying to have the perfect picture.

The menu


We keep it pretty simple. Sometimes the menu changes based on what’s in store and what’s on sale. But we almost always have ham or lamb on the menu.


Here is what we buy



Breakfast casserole

Potatoes (hash browns, crispy, etc)

Eggs (poached, eggs Benedict, quiche, etc)

Bacon (yes even with ham)

Pancakes / waffles



The breakdown


Morning slow and low

Spiral ham w/pineapple


Now you can put this in overnight but I honestly think it smells too good and I wake up in the middle of the night and have s midnight snack. So I’ve had to change the recipe to a morning recipe.  


Morning or night before

Breakfast casserole

This can also sit overnight after cooked and be warmed in the morning. Sometimes we eat it cold as well. Which makes life so much more simple.



Making a quiche


Night before




Pancakes or waffles




Virgin drink

That’s it. Now you don’t have to have all of what we have and we often don’t.



Like I said above, we don’t always make everything. It will depend on the availability of the items, the price and the time we have for projects.


But if we do have all of it,  it’s nice to have the leftovers for dinner later. Especially the quiche, potatoes and ham cold with some hot sauce. Yeesss!


Sometimes I will buy or make rolls and have ham sandwiches/sliders for dinner, salad and a little punch on the side and that’s it.

Again, keep it simple and remember that there is a reason to keep it simple. Simple is truly the best.


Disclaimer: Don’t go trying new recipes out this Easter on Easter morning. I do not want anyone hurt on Easter

Honorable mention

Here is what didn’t make the menu but always nice to have on hand.

Raspberry sorbet mimosa


Carrot cake waffles


Elevated hash browns





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