SeaWorld San Antonio

It’s my birthday! Well, ok, my birthday is over but I wanted to share how much fun we had at Sea World on my birthday. I know that it’s always hard to choose what to do for your birthday, last year I did a ton of things that I had on my list. 

This year, I decided we should take a family vote about where to go. We needed someplace that we can ride rides, have food, get my fill of sea life, be able to see a few shows, and be within our weekend guidelines of a road trip. So we all voted, SeaWorld San Antonio. 


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Sometimes…being a kid on your birthday…. is all you need.

The Sea Swinger is a little scary for me, so I hung back and took the video for this one. They were all smiles prior to riding. But my bestie Tamiko and my daughter Isabella were super excited to get the ride started. 

The Riptide Rescue was a favorite as well. The kids had a blast. If you look closely, you can see them in the picture. 🙂

SeaWorld doing their part to rescue and rehab 

SeaWorld doing their part to rescue and rehab.

Of course you know we care a great deal about sea life and it’s why we have done a lot of volunteering and education with different parks on our own and with Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. It’s important to know.

Dolphin show. In the splash zone. About to get soaked

Food: Carrot Cake

Food: Bacon Cheeseburger and fries

Food: Chili dog and fries

Food: American Jello, at least that’s what I’m calling it

Sea Turtle: great place to take a family photo

Food: loaded baked potato fries

Food: chocolate pudding

Rick: hogging all the mister and fan. If you’re not a Texan, you may not understand the need for misters. They come in different varieties but this is my favorite. A cool breeze and a little mist goes a long, long way here, especially when it’s 96 degrees.

Ricky: enjoying his rib

Food: Brisket, baked beans and roll

Food: Watermelon Slices 

Food: Whale tail sugar cookie. 

Show: Pets Ahoy

Our Itinerary for the day:

Plan your shows first. So we planned what time we were going to go to each show. Then we went on the rides that were around that show. Of course, unless if a show was happening right after. We scheduled all rides around all the shows. It’s easier to plan for us. That way we make sure that we cover each and every inch of the park. 

We like to plan our meals around the areas that we watching shows and riding rides. That way we feel like we are not wandering around. The park map was a great tool for us, and the Sea World app allowed us to be able to see the show times with ease, which makes it very easy to plan the day with ease. 


All-Day Dining Deal. Gives you the freedom from constantly reaching into you wallet for food money. Also helps to keep the kids on a budget too. I don’t know about you, but sometimes the kids will sample a meal and move on to another one if they don’t like it. You don’t need to worry about carrying money, pulling money out for yourself and your kids for food and it’s a blessing. 

  • Pay one price, eat all day free

  • Includes an entree and a side, once every 90 minutes


All Season Souvenir Bottle. You get to keep the bottle and get free refills at SeaWorld & Aquatica for the 2020 season. 


This is going to be a tie for us. We all loved the rides and the shows. But we are going to go with the rides for the best. With the shows being a close second! 

It is now official. I have been to all of the USA SeaWorlds. My mission is complete. Now, it’s your turn!!

SeaWorld San Antonio Silver Pass – SAVE 30%

10500 SeaWorld Drive

San Antonio, TX 78251

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