Simply Crowns, Simple Pricing

How do they work with insurance?

Patients that want to use their insurance can get an insurance packet together with everything they need to self file with their insurance.

They take payment of $599 for a crown. They give patient documents needed to self file.  They send in and normally get 40-50% back of what they spent with them depending on what their insurance coverage covers.

This has helped a lot of patients reduce their out of pocket expenses from normally around $700-$800 per crown down to around $300-$400 per crown.

Exams are free and x-rays are free

How much is a dental crown?

$599 for crowns flat price 

Why they don’t take insurance?

They do not take insurance because their prices are so much lower than the Insurance companies require doctors to charge. They did not want to charge patients more so they could take insurance. Their focus is to help patients get this work done.

No traditional dentistry 

Don’t want families to lose vacation over the cost of fixing a tooth 

$5,000,000 saved for Texans over the first two years of Simply Crowns being open for business. 

They will do the negotiation of the prices of the crowns. Which are 40 to 50% off typical industry pricing and pass those savings on to you. 

They do the same thing in regards to implants. They only charge $2500 while most of the time the cost would be between $5k-$8k for all three pieces.

Deion Sanders signed on as a spokesperson. He wanted to partner with Simply Crowns because he was tired of the hustle. It’s simple. Crowns don’t cost that much. The prices are normally too high, and it’s not affordable for most people. Deion wanted to make sure that your smile could be like his smile. 

At Simply Crowns you save ½ to ⅓ of price going to another dentist to do your crown. Materials and processes are the same and they only use the best.

Out of network only. 

No In-network because prices are too low 

Where is Simply Crowns located?

There are three locations: Austin, San Marcos, and San Antonio. We want to grow across Texas over the next couple years and then expand outside of the state.

Next location will more than likely be in Dallas some time in 2020.

Simply Crowns Locations


10601 Pecan Park Blvd 

Suite 101

Austin, TX 78750

(512) 539-8558

San Antonio

12042 Blanco Rd 


San Antonio, TX 78216

(210) 664-3300

San Marcos

900 Bugg Ln 

Suite 218

San Marcos, TX 78666

(512) 643-0860

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