The Best Wooden Spoon Handcrafted

For so many reasons I wanted to share the company that we found and love. They are a small family owned company by the name of Polders Old World Market and each of their items are hand carved and crafted by a member of their family.

Me and my son love to cook. My hubby and daughter love to bake. And together we buy a ton of gadgets and supplies for the kitchen.  Sometimes it feels like we are a restaurant supply company.

We often buy some of the cheaper gadgets but often find them breaking or not lasting very long. So we had to make a change. It’s a process, but for that reason most of the items we purchase are more of quality than quantity. I wanted to share a spoon that we bought a couple years ago that is still going strong despite daily use.

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Wooden Spoon Handcrafted

These items are created and crafted and made to be handed down.

And I can honestly say. The quality is outstanding.

The spoon in action

Benefits of handcrafted

  1. Made by hand means less energy sucking equipment is used
  2. They retain their value and last so much longer
  3. Creating jobs and revenue for small entrepreneurs/ families
  4. They tend to meet your needs. They are held in someone’s hands, eyes are used to gauge them and they know how each items should look feel and act.
  5. Much better purchasing experience.
  6. No two handmade items are the same. You know that no one has your exact item. Because it was made by hand. Not by a molded machine.
  7. Supporting tradition and skilled workers
  8. Made with love
  9. Consuming less and wasting less

Wooden Spoon Handcrafted

My spoon – the double sided measuring spoon


Why handcrafted vs mass production

Our country was founded on and thrives with small business. And we get to keep a small business in business just by purchasing and sharing their products with our friends and family.

Just think, one spoon that you buy from the store may cost $10 on amazon and a set for $15. But it won’t last and they definitely can’t be handed down to your kids.

And in my lifetime, I can honestly say that I’ve purchased multiple plastic or massively produced wood spoons every year. Mainly because they crack and are no longer food safe. So about $70-$100 a year over 20 years cost me about $1400 – $2000. When I could have simply bought a set of 5 spoons and spent around $400 for spoons that I can then hand down to my kids.

Well now I know better. Thanks to a girlfriend of mine who runs a bakery, who said she’s had the same spoon from her grandmother and the same spatula from her mom that were hand carved from her great grandfather.

Who knew?

Now we plan on replacing all of our current wooden spoons with Old World Kitchen spoons just because we know that the one we have has already lasted.

History of hand crafted items

With so many companies supporting hand crafted and hand made products it’s no wonder this gem is gaining popularity. With companies like Etsy and amazon having devoted sections of their company for handmade and handcrafted items.

At one point in time, hand crafted was all we had.

In a world where we toss aside items for new and better, it’s nice to know that companies like Old World Kitchen are here and providing high quality products with heart.

Did you know that entrepreneurs are still fueling the economy despite large corporations having more marketing money and share? We give back more to our families, communities as a whole verses larger corporations we hold a bit more social responsibility.

Small handcrafted items require someone to build a skill, perfect a skill and grow their passion.

They spend time researching, learning, practicing new techniques to bring you the highest quality.

Purchase your handmade love, creativity and uniqueness today.

Wooden Spoon Handcrafted

I purchased my spoon with my own money. She is Beautiful and Elegant, but also simple.

She is the best handcrafted wooden spoon that I have ever seen.

Get your own

I’ve partnered with Old World Kitchen to provide you with a discount so you can try for yourself and see just how wonderful their products are.

To order your own hand carved item from the Dreamware collection, they have far more than just spoons go to Old World Kitchen

For 15% off enter code THMS15

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