Buckhorn Saloon & Museum and Texas Ranger Museum 

The Buckhorn Saloon & Museum is a San Antonio staple for more than 131 years and is registered as a historic business Texas treasure. 


We had to get a picture of the beautiful outside before entering. This photo is, like the majority of our photos, has not been edited/filtered in any way. This is actually what the skyline looked like. It’s just fantastic! 

We took this picture before we got started on the adventure. There where so many people walking by that wanted to know what we were doing, it took us a minute to get started. 

Taking pictures is such a great way to meet people. And we love sharing our stories and hearing other people’s stories as well. 

We met a couple there that were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. They had been to the Buckhorn right after their wedding before and thought this would be a great way to celebrate. We chatted for a while and came to find out that they loved the museum and said that it really is one of their favorites to visit. Of course that made it even more exciting for us. 

The cafe is located just before the entrance into The Buckhorn Saloon & Museum. We didn’t sit down and eat this time, as we had a huge breakfast right before coming. But we did want to show you the inside of the cafe. 

Beautifully crafted mini saddles 

Decided to get a quick shot of myself and Isabella before we really get started exploring 

Ricky standing next to an elephant tusk. He was telling me they he couldn’t believe how big it was. 

My hubby doing the floss in the short leg mirror. I tried to catch him on video but he stopped too fast and I was laughing too hard.

There was a ton more to see and we cover a great majority of it in our video at the beginning of the post. 

The Texas Ranger Museum 

The Texas Ranger Museum is a second museum that is connected to the Buckhorn. We recommend eating prior to entering so that you can get the full experience of both museums. We enjoyed both museums, but the Texas Ranger Museum holds a special place in my heart. 

I have loved the Texas Rangers since the start of Walker Texas Ranger tv show. Chuck Norris was the man. And this show started a curiosity and excitement to learn more about the Rangers and their place in Texas history. Then when I lived in Texas in my early 20’s I met a Ranger. And boy that just made my day. Since then, I’ve been interested in learning so much more. I appreciate what they do and the history of how they begin. 

This expansion of the Buckhorn Saloon and Museum happened in 2006 and includes a replica of the famous Bonnie and Clyde getaway car from 1934. 

The evolution of badges is something that has always interested me. 

This was made from an original faded black and white photo. 

We had to get another picture 

Last picture I promise. Entrance of the museum 

The Buckhorn Saloon & Museum and The Texas Ranger Museum

318 East Houston Street

San Antonio, TX 78205



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