I’ll be honest, I had never heard of or ever tried Culver’s before. So I will admit I was a little bit skeptic. My husband had it when he was in Minnesota on business. So he reminded me of the conversation. He called me to tell me how good the food was and the custard was outstanding and just how much he couldn’t believe it was fast food. I always listen when my husband says he really likes something. Especially, when he kept telling me to try it when I was traveling for business. 

Then one day, I was driving my kids to one of their clients houses and low and behold we saw it, enter the angelic music, a Culver’s sign. Not just a Culver’s Sign but a sign with a countdown to the day of opening. 

So we went through the drive-thru, and let me tell you, we have been to many a drive-thru on opening days and this by far was the absolute best experience we have ever had. 

They were all so polite, efficient, knowledgeable, and kind. Like they were genuinely happy to be able to help you get your food. And everything came in the bag, standard. No begging for napkins or spoons. They were already there in the bag. 

Well, I am a person that knows that one time can be luck. So of course, I had to go back multiple times to see if it really was true. The last time we actually went in. Everything was so clean, yes I even checked the bathrooms, even the garbage cans where clean. 

As we were waiting on our order a nice woman came up and asked us if we needed anything. Of course, we struck up a conversation. I was telling her how I was so impressed. Even the kids were impressed with the food and the facility, and we all know how hard it is to impress a teen. Come to find out the lady was the mother of one of the owners. 

A family owned and run business. Who could ask for anything more? Yes, I have to say it. But wait! There’s more! 

Jason and Jennifer Suplita, the owners of the Culver’s Round Rock location have done more than just move their family here. They are building a community with their crew members as well and the entire Round Rock community.

Jason and Jennifer are also quickly becoming a part of the Round Rock community as well. Hosting, Helping and working with everyone from Round Rock Fire Department, Round Rock Police, Central Baptist for their Monday Munchies, Youth Soccer Association, Texas Baptist Children’s Home and more. 

Photo credit: Culver’s Round Rock

Soft opening Culver’s Round Rock Texas 

Hosting the Round Rock Fired Department and Round Rock Police Department 

Is Culver’s Fast Food?

Well yes it is. But, it’s not your typical fast food restaurant. You’re not going to drive to the first window to pay and then drive to the second window to get your food.  What you will do is pay for your food, get a number and pull up to the waiting area and waif for them to personally make your food after you order. You will wait for your food to be specially prepared for you.

All items are made fresh to order. What does this mean?  Well, it simply means that it will take about 5 minutes for them to cook your fish for your fish sandwich.

That’s right, when you order a Culver’s burger or a fish sandwich, fries, anything, it’s cooked at the time of your order. So it may take just a few minutes to fry up that piece of fish.  I think of it more along the lines of a diner or small neighborhood restaurant where food tends to be a bit more fresh. I mean I watched them take out a piece of fish and hand batter it and then drop it into the fryer. 

Photo credit: Karla Harmer If you are ordering in the car to take home or eating in the restaurant you will get a tag which let’s them know where the order needs to be delivered. 

Photo credit: Karla Harmer Jason and Jennifer Suplita – Owners and Operators of Culver’s Round Rock, Texas

Is Culver’s a franchise?

Yes. Culver’s has only 5 stores that are corporate owned. However they rest are all locally owned and operated by owners. The owners must not only own the land and the building but they must also be on the job each day the store is open

How many locations does Culver’s have?

710 as of June 2019. With only 5 of those being owned by corporate. 

What states are Culver’s located?

Texas -12

Tennessee -8

Arizona – 31 

Colorado – 15

Florida -61

Alabama -2

Missouri -32

Michigan -61

Minnesota – 59

Georgia -16

Kentucky – 15

Kansas – 5

Ohio -13

North Carolina -4

Nebraska – 10

North Dakota -5

South Carolina -4

South Dakota -14

Iowa -35

Idaho – 3

Illinois -113

Indiana -44

Utah – 10

Wyoming – 1

Wisconsin -138

What kind of food does Culver’s serve?

Culver’s serves everything from fish and chips, custard, to their famous ButterBurgers

What is Culver’s known for?

They are known for their ButterBurgers and of course Culver’s custard. So whether you are ordering a Culver’s deluxe or Custard you will be served with a smile and always fresh

How many flavors of custard? 

Culver’s has a whopping 55 flavors of custard. Want to find out when and what Culver’s new flavors are you can sign up for their flavor of the day and get notified. 

Photo Credit: Jennifer Suplita Culver’s Round Rock Owner

Made fresh the custard base comes in vanilla, chocolate or strawberry

Photo credit: Karla Harmer You can even take home a pint for those date nights or just because nights.

Culver’s Menu Kids

ButterBurgers (original or cheese)

Chicken Tenders

Corn Dog

Grilled Cheese

All meals come with a choice of

Fries or applesauce

White milk, Chocolate milk or small drink

Each kids meal also comes with a certificate for a free scoop of custard and a Scoopie token. 

Photo credit: Karla Harmer

What is a Scoopie token? Save your Scoopie tokens and get free Scoopie gear, kids meals or choose a prize.  

Ten tokens and you can get:





Plush Scoopie

Plush Fudge

What of fish does Culver’s use?

Culver’s fish sandwich is North Atlantic Cod. It’s hand cut and hand battered. And as I mentioned above, made to order 

Where does Culver’s get their fish?

The cod is wild caught North of the Arctic Circle. The water there is cold, pristine and full of nutrients. 

Photo credit: Karla Harmer

Does Culver’s have shrimp?

Yes, they do. Butterfly jumbo shrimp is a staple on the menu. 

Does Culver’s Have Walleye?

YES! If you have ever fished up north and had the pleasure of eating walleye, then you are in for a treat. 

Once a year, for Lent, Culver’s will have walleye in their restaurants. 

What is a ButterBurger?

The ButterBurger is made fresh to order. It’s a fresh burger patty that is seared on a grill and served on a lightly buttered and toasted bun. 

What time does Culver’s lunch start?

Culver’s serves lunch and dinner from 10:30am to 10pm 7 days a week. 

Does Culver’s have a veggie burger?

Yes! They offer veggie burgers. 

Does Culver’s have keto options?

Yes, just let them know when you order. 

Culver’s flavor of the day


Or sign up for Alexa Skill to get flavors of the day


Is Culver’s dog friendly?

Why, yes they are! The patio is open to dogs and they can also get a pup cup when you order your meal. The dogs need a treat in this hot Texas heat.

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