One of the many reasons we love Austin is because of all the beautiful things you can enjoy outdoors. Hiking trials are just on of them.

My son and I love to hike and frequently hike in and around Austin. One of our favorite trails is River Place Natural Trail Canyon, which we just discovered.

We decided to make it a family affair and bring the dogs as well since they love hiking.

Entrance to trail

Lots of shade which helps a lot. Especially when we have 90° or hotter days.

Stopping to water the dogs and ourselves. About ¼ of a way in

Trail itself is not wide and lots of uphill to climb

Hot and ready to cool down again. About 1 ½ miles in

Somebody couldn’t walk anymore and needed to be carried for a minute. Milkshake has the shortest legs of us all and did a great job.

We hiked Canyon Trail

Lots of streams to enjoy

My son was enjoying the turtles and we didn’t even realize he escaped the picture

We went about 2 ¼ miles and that was about all we could take in the heat. It was 93° that day and even though we were hydrated we were getting tired.

For more information about the trail

River Place Trail

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When we first moved to Austin we figured it would be a nice place to land short term. But we ended up staying and enjoying so much about the area. One thing we love is all the outdoor activities that we can do! Hiking is one of me and my sons favorite activities. . I didn’t notice he ran to take pictures of the turtles he saw in the pond. 😬 But we all know that’s parent life. Kids have their own minds he took two pictures and the other one was a blur. So we pick what we can and move on. Right?! . If you plan on coming to Austin for a visit, even a short one or live in the area I highly recommend this trail. It’s well shaded and plenty of places for the dogs to stop and enjoy a water break. . ⭐️ Blog link in bio! ⭐️ .

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