Let me just say, this list is not the end all be all. But we are pretty picky and we generally don’t tend to talk about food unless we absolutely love it. I have strong armed many people to try places that they have never tried. Mainly because we should eat outside of our comfort zones. 

There is nothing too exotic here, but I have been known to eat all sorts of things. So if your interested, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. 

Myself, my husband, daughter and son all weighed in on this list. So this is an all for one, unanimous vote. 

Our favorite go to places in Round Rock Texas to eat and grab goodies. 

Round Rock Jelly & Co

Salted Cantaloupe 

Hot Pepper Jam

Round Rock Jelly is officially award winning now. They took 2nd place at the World Food Championship 

Central Donuts

Cream filled, chocolate and glazed 

I’m a sucker for the sugary cream filling. So when I am craving a donut this is my go to place in Round Rock. 

Phó Dan 

Pho with meat and brisket 

Kawaii’s Hawaiian Ice

Banana is my go to flavor. 

Feathers and Frosting 

Now I’m not a sweet person like I used to be in my younger days. So I’d prefer a savory dessert. But this right here was so go, I could only eat ¼ of a slice and the rest of my family ate the rest. 

It’s called the PMS cake. And boy oh boy… it’s worth every delightful bite. The icing is cookie dough, topped with brownies and a delicious chocolate cake. 

Soaked cereal and then turned into cake batter. Oh my yum! 

Slap Box Pizza

Pepperoni slice (I prefer the slices over the entire pie. Tastes different to me)

Spinach and Feta

My trying the slice for the first time. So good. Tried the garlic knots and they were delish too. 

Pho Lee

Shaking Beef (Bo Luc Lac) is tangy, sweet and sour with the onions adding another layer of flavor.

Salt and pepper Chicken Wings are crunchy sweet and sour

Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings


Beef (Chicago favorites)

Vegetarian mixed grill

Chicago dog with Onion rings 

Biscuits and gravy with maple blueberry sausage

Culver’s Round Rock

Custard to go and in the store 

Cheese curds 

Burgers, chicken sandwich, fish sandwich, fries and custard 

Chicken sandwich 

Bo Asian Bistro

Lo Mein 

Jalapeño beef extra spicy 

General tso’s chicken 

And as a forever placeholder for us is going to be the now closed Chino Burrito. Man we miss that place. We would happily support them if they came back to town. 

Well, that’s it. How did you like the list? Do any of these make your list? Tell us below 

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