USS Lexington History

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The original USS Lexington (CV-2) was sunk at the Battle of The Coral Sea during WW2. It was nicknamed the Blue Ghost, she was reported to be sunk no less than 4 times.

Author: Karla 

The USS Lexington Museum is the USS Lexington (CV-16)

Go ready: There are 5 tours. 

We recommend the following. Go as soon as they open. It’s a lot of walking, and you will want to do much of that prior to the heat of the day. Many areas do not have a ton of air conditioning and becomes a little hot. So we also recommend doing the tour in the following order. 

Tour 1 Flight Deck

Tour 4 Lower Decks

Tour 3 Gallery Deck

Tour 2 Foc’sle

Tour 5 Hanger Deck

We did Tour 4 last. It was the heat of the day and we don’t recommend waiting. Do this one first thing if you can. It was also long and required a more stairs than some of the other tours. So waiting to last was not the best decision. After talking about it with the family, we decided that Tour 1 and Tour 4 were by far the tours that were needing to be done when it was cooler, especially during the summer months. 

Since each tour begins and ends on the hanger deck, tour 5, we suggest doing this one last. It’s got a little breeze and you can then do the 3d mega theatre to cool off before finishing your day. 

It took us just under 5 hours to complete all 5 tours. With that in mind, we do not have young children or seniors with us. So we were able to walk quickly and read and film along the way. We could have taken longer if we did the flight simulator and escape room. But all in all I would not plan to do anything else on the day you visit the Lady Lex Museum. 

Remember this is a former Navy Vessel and has low entries in some areas, so watch your head. 

Smart Phone Self Guided Tours. But there were also plenty of “yellow shirt” volunteers around to answer any questions that we had. 

Photo Credit: Rick

Did you know that you can say overnight on the Lex?

School groups, Scouts, and more can find out how to book your group of 15 or more. There are also educational field trips you can take. 

Interested in taking a field trip? They’ve got you covered. There are 8 different field trips sectioned out my grade

USS Lexington hours

9am – 5pm

Labor Day – Memorial Day

9am – 6pm

Memorial Day – Labor Day, & Spring Break

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