Chicken Salad Recipe – 5 Ways

Learning how to make chicken salad was one of my favorite things when I was out on my own. I’ve used it for everything from salad topping, sandwich to soup side. 

Now, it is a staple in our home and we make it several times per month. I usually buy our chicken whole because I just feel that the flavor is so much better. Our mayo is usually a little on the heavier side but decided today to try a new mayo. Thank you Better Body Foods for sponsoring this post. 

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Pull the chick from the bones and place in a bowl

I like to cut and prep all of my ingredients at one time. This lets me be able to move quickly on the mixing and assembly of the chicken salads. 

Pear, apple, onion, tomatoes, homemade pickle relish, garlic powder, salt and pepper. 

Better Body Foods Mayo is what we used today for this chicken salad. It’s light and creamy with a hint of tang. You can find it at your local HEB. 

Enjoy! I added a little olives and chips for a quick snack to my beautiful cutting board by Poldersowm

Mozaics chips make a perfect addition to a snack with your chicken salad. 

We always have fun playing with different ingredients for our chicken salad recipes. 

You can add anything you like, savory spices or sweet fruits. All you have to do is experiment in smaller batches. 

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